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Mixing (remote)

So... you have a band, maybe we even recorded the tracks together already...

and you're looking to mix the songs you've been working on day in and day out for the last 6 months and now everything is tracked and ready.

Let me be the one who can put the final sonic stamp to the project, I'll mix it with 2 free reviews. Then off to mastering.

We could talk for days about mixing, levels, colors, punch, width, reverbs, decades 60's 70's 80's sonic characters, the rabbit hole is impressive.

If we have been working together, then the mixing process is pretty straight forward and chances are I've already been pre-mixing during the tracking of your project.

But in the case we haven't, I usually listen to the latest mix you have and assess what needs to be done. Is it edits? Vocal cleanup, or drum timing? Maybe we can go straight to mixing in the best of cases. 

This step is crucial due to the fact that a properly edited track is easier and faster to mix since all its parts fit together in the finite canvas that we have to play with. I've learned this the hard way...

After the first assessment we can talk about the esthetics and I can get to work to bring your tracks to life.

I look forward to working with you.


"Alejandro is a well-rounded audio development professional and a great resource for anything you want to create that makes sounds. From sound effect design to dialog editing to music composition, Alejandro has great talent and a can-do, no-nonsense, egoless attitude about getting work done. Plus - he's a pleasure to work with: good spirits, healthy attitude. I look forward to any opportunity to work with him."


- D.W.

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