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Music Composition

Moving pictures are such an integral part of our society, they are everywhere and anywhere. Screens are all around us fighting for our attention day and night.

Music can make or break the deal.

It's not only imperative to have a good musical piece under your video, but the right piece to go with the message and story that is being broadcasted.

Video games and movies.

I like to use a rather eclectic approach to music for a picture, where we talk about colors and emotions, where scapes and mood are more important than the musical notation.

Having worked for the Great Michael Levine as his personal assistant, I've been able to have a first glance look at the ins and outs of this amazing art form that I love so much. What makes a great score, what makes a great theme, what makes a great melody.


For video games, however, I use a different approach. Yes, we have the same characteristics as a movie does, but I always like to think about the sound engine possibilities and restrictions early in the production.

To get the most out of the player experience and to maximize the exposure and impact of the work we do.

Learned from the Amazing Gerard Marino at UCLA and fell in love with the possibilities for music interaction on video game development.

Let's create the sonic realm of your project, Together!

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I would really like to hear about your upcoming project, music for picture is my favorite thing.

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"Alejandro is a well-rounded audio development professional and a great resource for anything you want to create that makes sounds. From sound effect design to dialog editing to music composition, Alejandro has great talent and a can-do, no-nonsense, egoless attitude about getting work done. Plus - he's a pleasure to work with: good spirits, healthy attitude. I look forward to any opportunity to work with him."


- D.W.

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